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Keeps research and development activities in areas such as NB/IOT, Network Slicing, Multi/Access Edge Computing, eMBMS to deliver continous innovation to the produt portfolio.

User Data Repository Design Supporting Internet of Things

SDN-based UPF for Mobile Backhaul Network SlicingMobile devices comprise smart phones, sensors and actuators which are expected to grow exponentially. C urrent mobile networks have been designed considering User Equipment (UE) associated to a single user and is mostly used for people to people communication. However, machine to machine communications

January 4th, 2019|

SDN – based UPF for Mobile Backhaul Network Slicing

SDN-based UPF for Mobile Backhaul Network Slicing A major challenge in future mobile networks is how to fulfil the requirements set for 5G networks in terms of latency and throughput. 3GPP has defined a new architecture based on virtualization and Software Defined Networks (SDN) supporting network slices that can

January 4th, 2019|