Automating a logistic chain is a challenge where many state of the art technologies are used with three different high level requirement

1Device need to
deliver statistics every
now and then

2Logistic devices need to
communicate with each
other and the environment

3Device will
receive regular
software updates

Business case can be calculated and optimized

Cumucore connect you with real productivity and profitability

Cumucore Network can be run
without Internet connectivity
and from local premises

Logistic devices communicate with others and the environment. There are also very strict security requirements and communication reliability is important. Cumucore Network can be run in standalone mode without Internet connectivity and from local premises. Cumucore Network form factor scales down to laptop computer.

Private network without internet conectivity
Mobile Private Network limit area for autonomous vehicles

Limit the area for
autonomous vehicles

Operational area for an autonomous logistic device is predefined as well as its communication needs. This is important because RF coverage planning can be done accurately.

We can also create “no go” areas and define virtual streets to cover only areas that used to move around. This suits very well for a private network use case.

NPN different communication data flows to communicate devices

Different communication needs can be met by setting up data flows per request and the network has to be able to communicate with devices

When a logistic device is in the operational mode, communication has to be latency optimized using local signal processing capabilities. This communication requires low latency and will define the max speed of devices. There needs to be a way to stop autonomous logistic devices if needed!

Delivering statistics or billing information communication is not time sensitive nor requires a lot of capacity, this is a perfect use case for best effort traffic.

Software updates have to be done as fast as possible to keep the maintenance time short. Software updates require a lot of downlink network capacity.

Cumcore network slicing functionality has an open API that logistic devices can request needed data flow. Cumucore Network Wizard (CNW) is aware of all traffic going on in the private network and based on that information can make decisions which data flow requests are accepted and which not. There is also a reservation system to make maintenance planning possible.

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