Media has used wireless technology from the very beginning of commercialization of radio waves. In the beginning there were AM radios, then adding video on TV sets and so on. On the production side we have wireless microphones, robo cameras and bonding transmitters (combining several transmission media into one stream). These use cases are made possible by dedicating certain frequencies to the media use case, this is the way of taking care of interference and enables dividing frequency to certain users inside the frequency range.

The current model has been used over 100 years. There are through some shortcomings. Frequency is a limited resource and it should be used as efficiently as possible. If we reserve frequencies to be used by certain applications it automatically means that these frequencies are unused when the application is not used, we waste limited resources. This makes it impossible to have more frequencies for media even the demand is increasing constantly. Media use cases are also fairly low in equipment volume. Developing a radio product is expensive meaning that low volume radio electronics is expensive.

Cumucore wireless technology to decades of business prosperity

Cumucore networks
can run anywhere

Cumucore network can run stand alone meaning it is not connected to the Internet. Cumucore networks can run anywhere, for example on ships or in mines.

Production areas are limited to known geographical areas, the cameras and microphones are in known predefined locations. A perfect situation for a 5G non public network.

Cumucore mobile private network can run anywhere
Setting up a local 5G network on minutes

Setting up a local 5G network will take minutes

Connecting 5G cameras, microphones and audio monitors will connect to the network in second.

Cumucore. A private network with 5GLAN features together with Time Sensitive Network capability and local signal processing capability. This means that a professional quality transmission network is available to everybody.Modern frequency sharing technologies means that more frequency can be allocated to media applications but only when and where needed. Adding 5G connectivity to any equipment costs a fraction compared to proprietary RF interfaces.

News: TV 2 Denmark has tested our 5G core to deliver connectivity in a live studio production

Cumucore network delivers lower than 1ms delay and can provide several hundreds of Mbps capacity for media production equipment

Media production has some very specific requirements. Traffic is never symmetric, and there is a requirement to have stable uplink connectivity, low latency (audio), high bit rates (video) and devices need to be synchronized.

Local signal processing is a natural part of the Cumucore network, this can be used for example to audio mixers.

NPN delivers lower than 1ms delay provide hundreds mbps
MPN precise capacity planning between media devices

Precise capacity planning between different media devices

Cumucore’s innovative network slicing functionality enables precise capacity planning between different media devices when ensuring flawless communication even from the edge of the network coverage area.

Cumucore Glossary - Know our terminology

Media Service Optimizer

Service that optimizes
media content quality
to the used capacity


Broadcast Multimedia
Service Center for multicast
over mobile networks

Network Slicing

The creation of multiple virtual networks from one physical infrastructure

Non public network

Fifth generation mobile
network used by private