MPN for industry 4.0 3gpp compliant

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The next industrial revolution is based on using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. AI requires a lot of different kinds of data sources to be able to make correct decisions. Needed data is in different formats and AI has different requirements for delay of data delivery. Current instrumentation technologies in the manufacturing facilities are based on cabling, different systems have their own cables. Cables are used to collect data from sensors to local control boards, where data is analyzed and control signals generated. Control signals have their own cabling systems. Different cabling technologies have different technical limitations but the high installation cost is the common factor among all of them. Changing cabling takes a lot of time meaning that factory lay-out are very fixed and not optimal.

Autonomous robots are used in many places and they are gaining popularity when their prices have reduced. Drones provide a good example of a new wave of robots. The problem is how to communicate reliably with autonomous robots like drones and AGVs.

Factories have very strict reliability requirements for a communication system. Lifetime of automation systems in factories is typically tens of years. There is a need to run automation systems in isolation, data should not leave manufacturing premises, in many cases delay requirements are very strict. These requirements are profibiting usage of centralized commercial mobile networks. There are also legacy IT systems in place that have the long lifecycle, changes are done gradually.

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Cumucore Glossary - Know our terminology


Function responsible for
providing network
analysis information


Software Defined Network. Network that can be changed remotely


Small capacity network
built to serve sensors and control switches


Time Sensitive Network. Used to synchronize different equipment

Pmns use coordinated frequencies that
provide bases for reliable wireless

Cumucore mobile private network use coordinated frequencies that provide bases for reliable wireless communication. Our solution has a small form factor so it can be easily run in local facilities and it does not require connectivity to the outside world. Cumucore is fully 3GPP standard compliant so the equipment will be available for decades to come. Solution is feature rich providing modern features like Network Slicing, 5GLAN, TSN and MEC functionality.

Private mobile network wireless communication
New wireless private mobile infrastructure 5GLAN TSN features

start a smooth transition from the wired world to the freedom of wireless infrastructure

New wireless mobile private infrastructure can coexist with legacy technology because of 5GLAN and TSN features. Using network slicing the critical infrastructure is served based on their requirements while the very same network can be used to serve regular IT needs.

Collecting data from locations that are currently impossible

Wireless technology will enable collecting data from locations that are currently impossible to reach and integrate them reliably with autonomous logistic devices. All this in the one network on top of legacy IT infrastructure. Using wireless communication factory lay-outs can be more  flexible and in many cases more precise control of industrial processes can be delivered using modern AI technology.

NPN collecting data from currently impossible locations

How to implement a Non Public Network for your organization

Simple guide, step-by-step to provide IT Infrastructure and management professionals a well-grounded understanding of the what, why, how and how much of owning and operating their own NPN.