Disrupting mobile networks to provide flexible and affordable connectivity for everyone and creating new possibilities to truly connect the world


Industry 4.0 TSN-LAN and Network Slice Management


5G mobile core, MEC, Network Slicing

First cloud eMBMS


Pilots for rough private LTE military field deployments in Europe and Asia

vEPC pilot with network slicing 5G Innovation Center


Joint testing, cooperation Micro-EPC

Demo Elisa Hackathon


Funding for business scouting South Africa

vEPC and SDN manager


Fist Customer vEPC with LSA

Ultra reliable and compat SW based mobile core
for small scale private LTE and industrial deployments

On-going 5G projects

More than 50 years of cooperation with industry partners

Focus on mission critical coomunications, 5GC SA interoperability with mmWave

Cumucore has delivered 5G mobile core NSA and SA with an intercontinental deployment running control plane in Korea with different network slices using MEC with local breakout.


Terahertz technology design of 6G with THz fronthaul with SDN control

Cumucore is leading the design of 5G mobile integrating backhaul controller using SDN to manage Terahertz link in order to deliver 100Gbs fronthaul connection.


Mobile private networks for 5G in media production

Cumucore will deliver 5G mobile core including media broadcast to validate the potential value that 5G brings to the content production sector.


NFV interoperability in several use cases

Cumucore will design the SA 5G mobile core with Service Based architecture for FUlly DisinteG rated private nEtworks to support 5G verticals for industrial manufacturing.


Next-Generation IoT solutions

Cumucore will provide a SA 5G mobile core including TSN and data analytics network functions for AUTOMATED ROBOTS WITH HETEROGENEOUS NETWORKS and Asset health tracking in harbours and industrial infrastructures.


Next Generation IoT as part of Next Generation Internet

Cumucore contributes with the 5G Core for industrial and agriculture verticals. The 5GC include 5GLAN and TSN functionality for connecting mobile sensors and other devices as part of fixed industrial networks or agriculture infrastructure.


Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries

Cumucore provides standalone SA 5G core for deploying secure private mobile network
in factories including network slice management and UPF for integration with fixed
industrial LAN.


End-to-end solutions agreement with Nokia and projects with worldwide networks providers

The 3GPP compliant software
that meets the communication requirements
of all Industry Verticals

Think about wireless freedom everywhere