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Cumucore brings a disruptive solution that integrates Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to deliver a flexible and affordable mobile services to truly connect the world.

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Flexible LTE Core in 5 min

Flexible LTE Core
in 5 min

Pay as you go

Pay as you go


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Our Mission

Disrupting mobile networks to provide flexible and affordable connectivity for everyone and creating new possibilities to truly connect the world.

Our Vision

Simplify mobile networks in the cloud while maintaining performance, security and efficiency and allowing value added applications and services to flow through pure software networks.

LTE network platform

  • Reduce the entry barriers for mobile network operators to monetize added value services.
  • Deliver IoT and dedicated slices of 5G networks with a click to enable new business models.
  • Provide technology designed to serve people and address the future society challenges.
  • Software platform to enable 5G core network functionality as a service.

Our Values

  • Passion for innovation to bring growth shaping the future with quality as the priority.
  • Collaborative environment with respect and openness to foster cooperation and creativity.
  • Looking ahead to address challenges that confront society disrupting the state of the art and create new solutions.
  • Delivering value to customers and exceptional experiences to end users.


Cumucore has developed first Mobile Packet Core that is fully integrated with SDN functionality including following products.

Virtualized Packet Core

Cumucore offers the first of its class software based LTE packet core to be deployed in the cloud including mobility, user management and traffic optimizations. Packet core software as a service to be integrated with or without Software Defined Networks (SDN).

SDN mobile backhaul

Cumucore has designed and implemented a Hardware component that can be installed in existing off the shelf base stations (i.e. eNB) to convert legacy mobile backhaul into Software Defined Network mobile backhaul.

Mobile Edge computing and content delivery

Cumucore with the usage SDN offers the Software components that allow to optimize the content delivery within any location of the access network. This product allows the mobile operators to reduce up to 50% the traffic in their networks.

Consulting services

Cumucore besides Software and Hardware components provides consultancy services. Cumucore offers operators to outsource the deployment, management and maintenance of the mobile cloud system so they pay based on the usage.

Jose Costa-Requena

Jose Costa-Requena

Dr. Jose Costa-Requena received his Doctor of Technology degree from Aalto University on the field of networking. Jose has worked for more than 15 years concurrently both at Aalto University and at Nokia. He has gained experience in managing the development of complex end-to-end systems and large multi-site projects with 100s of developers. Jose was part of Nokia patent board for several years and holds 15+ granted patents and 40+ filed applications in the area of local area networks and mobile networks and received award of top 3 inventor of the year. Jose has published several journals and articles in the field of computer networking.

Dr. Heikki Kokkinen

Dr. Heikki Kokkinen

Heikki is a co-founder of Cumucore and Chief Financial Officer. He has been part of some of the successful Finnish tech start-ups over the last 6 years. At Fairspectrum, he has been CEO and chairman of the board of directors. He holds several patents in the field of communications. Heikki holds a doctoral degree in Computer Science, an academic entrepreneur degree from Aalto School of Business, licentiate degree in telecommunications and industrial economics, and Master’s degree in electronics.

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At Cumucore you can expect: Challenging and hands-on work, international and multi-cultural team, inspiring and motivated colleagues, cooperation atmosphere where your achievements are recognized, full responsibility and accountability for your contribution, flexibility to work on different areas driven by customers, to learn from true innovators and experts in cutting edge technology on mobile networks, to grow with us and advance your career and a rewarding bonus system.

Are you passionate about sales? Have you been working with mobile operators in your past?

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White Papers

Cumucore Leading Innovation: Cumucore keeps research and development activities in areas such as NB/IOT, Network Slicing, Multi/Access Edge Computing, eMBMS to deliver continous innovation to the produt portfolio.
SDN based 5G UPF for MEC.[EuCNC-SDN-UPF]
NB-IOT Framework based on Unified Data Convergence in 5G for [UDC]