Total control. No interferences. Security. 3GPP compliant.

Virtualized and containerized to get affordable productivity

You can define who can access your network, when they can access, what kind of Quality of Experience they have, what kind of coverage your network has and how much capacity is available.

Private Networks use regulated frequency so there are no issues with interference. The network with regulated frequency has a constant network capacity without impact from random users in the premises. Clean frequency is a base for reliable and predictable service level.

Cumucore can be run even without Internet access. A standalone network, keep data local in your own premises. Highest security for on-site critical communications.

3GPP Standard warranty to decades of business prosperity. Using 3GPP standards and licenced frequency proven interoperability with major vendors (Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, BaiCells, Datang and ORAN Accelleran radio networks). Work in 3GPP is going on all the time utilizing the best information network resources in the world.

Cumucore Mobile Private Network

The network that adapts to your needs

Fully virtualized 3GPP compliant 4G EPC Packet Core and 5G Packet Core: Based on containers (containerized). Scales down very well for small networks. Cumucore is optimized for up to 10.000 users or devices and up to 10 base stations. Cumucore can scale up based on geographical distribution of mobile packet cores, providing multi-site connectivity.

Virtualized Packet Core: Cumucore offers the first of its class software based LTE packet core to be deployed in the cloud including mobility, user management and traffic optimizations. Packet core software as a service to be integrated with or without Software Defined Networks (SDN).

SDN mobile backhaul: Cumucore has designed and implemented a Hardware component that can be installed in existing off the shelf base stations (i.e. eNB) to convert legacy mobile backhaul into Software Defined Network mobile backhaul.

Mobile Edge computing and content delivery: Cumucore with the usage SDN offers the Software components that allow to optimize the content delivery within any location of the access network. This product allows the mobile operators to reduce up to 50% the traffic in their networks.

Because every device can be wireless

Cumucore Glossary - Know our terminology


Fourth generation
mobile network
Core element


Mobile network
to be part of fixed
local area network


Time Sensitive Network.
Used to synchronize different equipment


Software Defined Network.
Network that can be changed remotely

Cumucore 4g Technology

The Packet Core is designed using microservices for each of the functions defined in the 4G architecture. The system can be deployed in bare metal or virtualized platforms (e.g. OpenStack, Kubernetes) and provides a unique framework to build industrial and private networks. The design is focused on flexibility, cost reduction and efficiency leveraging the advantages of Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

Components and interfaces: 4G EPC, NB-IoT, eMBMS

Cumucore 5g Technology

5GC Functionality: 5GC includes all the required functionality for interoperability with 3GPP Rel 16 and has been tested with different RAN vendors. The current release of 5 NC includes the network functions from Service Based Architecture (SBA) required for supporting network slicing i.e. (NSSF) and discovery of Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) through the Network Repository Function (NRF).

Network Slicing Manager (NSM): Virtual networks from one physical network. NSM can define slice sizes, different quality of service per slice, traffic rules per slice including prioritization and pre-emption rules. Through the Network Slice Manager (NSM) integrated with the Cumucore Network Wizard (CNW) a Graphical interface for managing the network. Delivering several NSM you can manage access rights to the network slices in the multitenant use case.

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The 3GPP compliant software
that meets the communication requirements
of all Industry Verticals

Think about wireless freedom everywhere

200€ /Month
per base station*

A mobile private network affordable for every company

Forget investments of traditional mobile networks.
Minimal base investment * €6.000 for a private installation
using one base station that covers about 1km. Frequency license provided by the customer.

Cumucore mobile base station for NPN