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NPN For Dummies:  PART III

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With the first two parts of our NPN for Dummies book out, we turn to Part III – the wonderful world of radio. We endeavor to make this as user-friendly as possible and not geek out too much.

Our intention here is not to relay the fullness of the field of radio, but simply to cover the waterfront and prime you for the discussions ahead as you build your own NPN. In fact, Radio is not that difficult to grasp.

The radio is most certainly the muscle of the NPN. By far it takes the most power and energy. But as we all know well, looks can be deceiving and muscle can come in all shapes and sizes. Think about the difference between a 4 cylinder Porsche and an 8 cylinder “muscle” car. I know which one I’d take to the track. The added challenge with Radio is that you can’t see or touch it. As a good friend likes to say, that airbourne connection between a device and a basestation feels alot like black magic. So like the 911 vs. Camaro contest, the magic is all under the hood. Here we’ll try to give an idea of how it works on a high level.

The two main dimensions of Radio are Capacity and Coverage and you can think of these two as something akin to sibling rivals, say Cane and Abel. As the science of radio dictates, they necessarily work at cross purposes from one another, so any successful network needs to strike the right balance between both. Some explanation is in order.

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