Securing Non-Public Networks

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NPN For Dummies:  PART VII

Everything you need to know about safeguarding Non-Public Networks

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An inherent advantage of NPNs surfaces in the realm of secure connections and the notable absence of a VPN requirement

No discourse on IT is complete without swimming the moat, scaling the firewall, hacking the keep (choose your medieval image) of the castle that is your NPN’s security. In the realm of IT, it may be said that however beautiful your network as it relates to performance and reliability, it’s security dwarfs all other requirements. Aside from being a most humbling, reputation damaging even career killing moment in an network operator’s life, a successful hack effectively weaponizes your network again your organization. If the mantra of the career criminal is “don’t get caught” your golden rule is plainly, clearly, “don’t get hacked”. ‘Nuff said!

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To provide IT Infrastructure and management professionals a well-grounded understanding of the what, why, how and how much of owning and operating their own NPN, to inform and support their development and delivery of an effective business case for such a project to their organization.

NPN for dummies

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