User Data Repository Design Supporting Internet of Things

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Mobile devices comprise smart phones, sensors and actuators which are expected to grow exponentially. Current mobile networks have been designed considering User Equipment (UE) associated to a single user and is mostly used for people to people communication. However, machine to machine communications have different requirements which have not been considered until recent 3GPP standard specifications. The Internet of Things ( I o T ) device s are autonomous, large in number and often lacking user interface . This creates a challenge in managing them. Different IoT management solution s has been proposed and implemented to solve the challenge . 3GPP started addressing this need in Narrow – Band I o T and Machine Type Communication specifications . In this thesis we analyze proposed standards for managing device subscription s such as the User Data Convergence (UDC).

Given the limitations of UDC for managing I o T devices a n extension that enables an operator network to support the management of IoT devices is proposed . The solution is a User Data Repository (UDR) extended with a data model and new design that facilitates IoT device management. A prototype of the design was developed and tested to c heck the feasibility. The results show the solution could work under the right setup.

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