The Anatomy of The Non-Public Network

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NPN For Dummies:  PART II

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Welcome to Part II of our industry-first exploration of the wonderful world of Non-Public networks.

If you are only just beginning your journey understanding this critical evolutionary leap, this is a great place to start. For our part, it also marks a decidedly different angle on the work of Cumucore in sharing insights into the NPN. Whereas almost every article you may find on this site and elsewhere published by us, the focus is on a specific Use Case, functionality or approach, this introductory article – the first real chapter or part in our NPN for Dummies book – provides a general, theoretical overview of the NPN and its component and logical parts.

If you have come this far, we are pleased to welcome you on this exciting journey.

The anatomy of a non-public network is no different from that of a public network. The “NPN” is unique from the “PN” only in regards to its ownership/management, client users and of course, its scale. The underlying technologies are the same. Readers of our material may ask the question: Why do you not simply call it a private network? … .

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To provide IT Infrastructure and management professionals a well-grounded understanding of the what, why, how and how much of owning and operating their own NPN, to inform and support their development and delivery of an effective business case for such a project to their organization.

NPN for dummies

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