5,5G and 6G in 2023

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Cumucore and 5.5G and 6G

Cumucore is a very unique company working in the academic and commercial worlds. You can say that we are the interface between research and production. Our approach is that we are 3GPP compliant inside out. We do everything in-house and use containers for network functions. This means that we know our codebase thoroly, we can add, modify and remove functions easily in a very short time. I would say that we are an ideal partner for 5,5G and 6G development when it comes to mobile core.

Mobile ecosystem is living in a phase where public networks won’t drive new feature development any more but new things are happening on the non-public network side. This goes throughout the technical stack, for example non-public networks will rather use Ethernet PDUs. In 5G this means that rel 16 and rel 17 features will make a difference in automation rather than in general access to the Internet. Next we’ll see improvements in air interface programmability, for example numerology can be changed to achieve lower latency and TDD frame structures can be changed easily to support uplink heavy use cases. These features don’t have a direct impact on Core but will make 5GLAN and TSN features more interesting for the automation use cases.

When moving to 6G there will be even more functionality added to the mobile networks, for example using radio waves to measure the environment, improving location measurement and energy efficiency. Cumucore’s current technology is serving as a starting point when trying out different things and new features. For us it is easy to modify functions and experience completely new features like demonstrated lately in FUDGE 5G project:

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