Cumucore deploys 5G SA private wireless network for Bosch Engineering in Germany

You are currently viewing Cumucore deploys 5G SA private wireless network for Bosch Engineering in Germany

5G private wireless network supports industrial connectivity at the Bosch Engineering site in Holzkirchen
Network consists of outdoors 5G standalone radios and Cumucore 5G core providing network slicing and 5GLAN functionality specifically designed for private industrial wireless connectivity.

Cumucore has deployed a private 5G standalone wireless network for Bosch Engineering at the site in Holzkirchen, Germany. The private 5G SA network uses Cumucore 5G core to provide integration of wireless and fixed network infrastructure to enable Bosch Engineering to trial new automotive use cases.
The private 5G SA core from Cumucore includes advanced features such as network slicing and 5GLAN that will integrate wireless with fixed devices in the production development centre at Bosch Engineering site in Holzkirchen. With this private 5G network, Bosch Engineering will test how 5G technology meets the demanding requirements of automotive use cases. Time Sensitive Network features will be developed at Cumucore 5G Core deployed in Bosch Engineering premises to demonstrate reliable deterministic communications between wireless sensors and other devices.
Bosch Engineering has full control of this network to manage sensitive data and configure the network with specific quality requirements according to their needs. Data is processed at the network edge in real time and the network operates in the dedicated frequency range at 3.7-3.8 GHz band for local private wireless networks.

Jose Costa-Requena, Cumucore CEO, said: “It is our privilege to partner with Bosch Engineering and bring our Cumucore technology and network slicing functionality to enable the most demanding 5G use cases in the automotive industry. This exciting 5G journey has just started and we are confident that Time Sensitive Network features will be followed with many new 5G capabilities that will position Bosch Engineering in a leading position in the market.”

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