What the future could look like with 6G capabilities

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Industry trends: Visions and Requirements of 6G

Next week, Tuestday, June 21 (16:00 – 17:00 CEST), our Senior Product Manager Mika Sharp will be participating in the Critical Communications World 2022 in Messe Wien – Viena, Austria (CCW2022).

What will Mika talk about? Decentralized network architecture and why he think it is mandatory when moving to the next level in mobile network technologies. Summary:

  • What are the high-level Industry trends?

    Power consumption, security, innovation and requerements (EMBB, URLLC, mIoT, …)

  • What do we know about future?

    Exponential traffic growth continues, Web 3.0, End of Gs and dynamic business model for modern societies.

  • 6G from static networks to dynamic networks

    Higher spectrum utilization rate is the key forward. Exchange model to drive up spectrum utilization rate. Pricing will guide usage.

More information and schedule . To register visit CCW Official website.

Cumucore is a recognized 6G developer. We are a full member of 6G-IA (6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association) and we are participating in several 6G research projects. We are really doing concrete work on 6G already now.

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