Cumucore joins Avnu Alliance to enable interoperability with its 5G Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) solution

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November 30th 2023 Espoo, Finland.
Cumucore proudly announces its collaboration with the Avnu Alliance®, the industry consortium driving an ecosystem of standards-based and interoperable devices based on Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and deterministic connectivity capabilities. This is a strategic move by Cumucore aimed at fostering the development and promoting interoperability among TSN components from diverse vendors. This partnership signifies Cumucore’s commitment to advancing TSN technology, a core foundational technology that plays a crucial role in the seamless transition of factories from automation to autonomy.

By actively participating in the Avnu Alliance, Cumucore is dedicated to contributing its expertise to the collective efforts aimed at ensuring TSN components work seamlessly together, even when sourced from different vendors. TSN’s significance in the evolution of industrial processes is particularly pronounced as factories increasingly embrace autonomous systems.

Cumucore’s involvement in Avnu underscores its dedication to industry collaboration, innovation, and the acceleration of technologies that empower autonomous operations. This strategic partnership aligns with Cumucore’s mission to be at the forefront of developments that define the future of industrial connectivity, providing solutions that bridge interoperability gaps and drive the industry toward new levels of efficiency and autonomy.

Jose Costa-Requena, CEO of Cumucore, said: “We are delighted to join Avnu Alliance to be part of this ecosystem with technology leading companies. Future real-time networks require interoperability across multi-vendor applications. We are looking forward to collaborating with other companies, developing open standards, and integrating our Cumucore 5G Time-Sensitive Networking solution. Joining the Avnu Alliance will enable us to certify our leading 5G TSN solution; ready for industrial environments, and the most advanced 5G use cases.”.

“We are thrilled to welcome Cumucore to Avnu. Cumucore’s expertise in 5G and TSN adds significant value to our organization, especially in the realm of industrial automation and autonomous systems. Their commitment to developing interoperable 5G-based TSN solutions aligns perfectly with Avnu’s mission of fostering a diverse ecosystem of TSN devices,” said Dave Cavalcanti, President of Avnu Alliance. “Cumucore’s participation in Avnu will be instrumental in driving forward the convergence of wired and wireless network technologies, ensuring seamless interoperability across multi-vendor applications. We are excited to collaborate with Cumucore in our joint efforts to expand the reach of TSN and enhance its capabilities for the most advanced 5G use cases in industrial environments and potentially other markets.”


Cumucore specializes in delivering cutting-edge 4G, 5G, and even anticipates the evolution to 6G Core products and services tailored for non-public networks. Our strategic focus centers on the Industry 4.0 vertical, where we offer specialized features such as 5GLAN and TSN, ensuring our solutions align seamlessly with the demands of modern industries.

As a privately-owned company headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Cumucore comprises a dynamic team of 20 skilled professionals. Our management team boasts a collective experience of over 100 years in the mobile network business, spanning expertise in both infrastructure and handset domains. This wealth of experience encompasses standardization, product development, efficient product management, and successful sales strategies.

At Cumucore, we take pride in our role as industry leaders, continually pushing the boundaries of connectivity solutions. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with a strong foundation in the mobile network landscape, positions Cumucore as a reliable partner for businesses seeking state-of-the-art, tailor-made solutions.

More information:

Mika Skarp – Senior Product Manager of Cumucore
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About Avnu Alliance

Avnu Alliance is a community creating an interoperable ecosystem of low-latency, time-synchronized, highly reliable networked devices using open standards. Avnu creates comprehensive certification programs to ensure interoperability of networked devices. The foundational technology enables deterministic synchronized networking based on IEEE Audio Video Bridging (AVB) / Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) base standards. The Alliance, in conjunction with other complimentary standards bodies and alliances, provides a united network foundation for use in professional AV, automotive, industrial control and consumer segments.

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