Non-Public Networks PoC in factories

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Mika Skarp, our Senior Product Manager, as NPN expert, has published recently an article in TECK NEXUS Magazine.
The article delves into the intricate process of executing a private network Proof of Concept, emphasizing the transformative impact on industrial connectivity and the evolution from initial skepticism to rapid deployment and optimization.

In the realm of private network Proof of Concept (PoC), experiences from the manufacturing sector underscore the universal potential of such networks, driven by the quest to gauge performance metrics and enhance connectivity. Following meticulous installation and network activation, PoC endeavors often burgeon into full-fledged deployments, buoyed by swift calls for network expansion and negotiations regarding commercial usage terms. As the journey unfolds, management’s focus shifts towards enhancing remote management capabilities and exploring the prospects of autonomous machinery, heralding a transformative era of heightened efficiency facilitated by advanced network technologies.

Use Case Evolution in Factories

Private networks features

  • PoC:
    • 2 or 3 BTS
    • One application
    • Limited area
    • Routing
    • Firewall rules
  • Areal Expansion:
    • Additional BTSs < 10
    • Additional depts
  • Additional use cases

Private Network PoC Evolution

Private networks features

  • Improved connectivity:
    • Coverage
    • Interference tolerance
    • Handovers
    • Authentication
    • Reliability
    • Frequency availability
  • Remote control:
    • Uplin for video
    • Stabile delay
  • Autonomy:
    • Low delay
    • Dynamic QoS
    • Integration with OT

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