5G Transport: The very lifeblood of your Non-Public Network

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NPN For Dummies:  PART IV

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Transport: A TO B, EASY AS 1, 2, 3

And so it is that we arrive at that station, the ever simple aspect, and yet vastly complex field of transport.

As with our previous chapters, while a singularly NPN-focused description would make for an easy, guard-rails up ride from point A to point B, we aim further. This is not only because transport – the very lifeblood of your network – deserves a fuller perspective, but because networks rarely, if ever, exist in isolation. Even the most old school on-prem networks use the cloud, and so must, to some extent now or in the future. Co-exist with other networks.

As ever in these pages, it is not our goal to transmit the fullness of this vast area of study – the stuff of entire university engineering departments and many hundreds of new PHD theses each year – but to widen your understanding and appreciation of its components, concepts and camps to help you make the best decisions possible for your network.

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To provide IT Infrastructure and management professionals a well-grounded understanding of the what, why, how and how much of owning and operating their own NPN, to inform and support their development and delivery of an effective business case for such a project to their organization.

NPN for dummies

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